Alan Walker & ISÁK - Sorry (Official Music Video) 

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I know it's easy to think about all of the negatives that have happened in the past year, but Walkers, let's come together to think about all that we're grateful for too. For me, there's nothing that matches the energy of a live concert and being together with you all in the same room. Here are some of my favorite moments from the Aviation Tour. Were you there too? Tell me your favorite moments in the comments below. ⬇

I'm sorry that 2020 couldn't have as many magic moments as we hoped for, but let's make sure we make up for it in 2021. Until then, enjoy this journey back in time with me and @ISÁK . See you soon, Walkers.

- Alan

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// LYRICS // Alan Walker x @ISÁK - Sorry // LYRICS //

Confetti is falling
at 5 in the morning
They’re screaming
and crying
but I'm all by myself

I know you
I'm sorry
I made up
a story
I'm lonely
I'm falling
just like you
I'm sorry


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Produced by MER Content AS
Creative director: Mads Neset
Producer: Mikkel Gulliksen
Live director: Kristian Berg
Camera operators: Alexander Zarate Frez, Alexander Christoffersen, Annicken Aasheim, Andreas Nesse, Espen Saur, Fredrik Winge, Mads Neset, Mohammed Sarmadawy, Morten Forsberg, Pål Rønnevik, Simen Skari, Vi Duc Truong, Øyvind Ganesh
Steadicam operator: Dovydas Miliauskas
Lead editor: Mads Neset
Assistant editor: Fredrik Winge
VFX Supervisor: Albin Skalleberg Nilsen
Grade: The Mill
Sound design: Karoline Wendelborg
*Aviation Tour Production*
Band: Jonas Barsten, Chris Alexander Wolfe Holm, Tommy Kristiansen, Anders Opdahl
Showrunner/Tour concept by: Alexander Zarate Frez
Executive Producer: Oda Marøy
Musical Directors: James Njie, Jonas Barsten
Stage Design \u0026 VJ: Andreas Ohldieck
Light Designer: Lars Kristian Mathisen
FOH Engineer: Sondre Sandhaug
Monitor Operator: Einar Nordberg
Backline Tech: Nikolaj Nordbak Gloppen
VFX Studio: Thundercode
Timeline Editing: Alexander Zarate Frez, Mads Neset
Hair \u0026 Make-up: Ida Nilsson
Styling: Miriam Lien
Promoter: C122, Ida Bakke Kristiansen
Project Coordinator: Kristine Alise Sjølivangen
Production Manager: Peter Hamilton
Project Manager: Stefan Dombek
Bary Project Manager: Marius Ryen
*Special Thanks To*
Oslo Spektrum, Nordic Live, Paradigm Talent Agency, Bary, Apparat, Animaskin, Eventim, Sonic City, Laser Image, Pyroteknikk, HelloThere Games



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Marina Rosa
Marina Rosa Timme sedan
Very good 😍💓💖👍🙏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Heart Diamond
Heart Diamond 3 timmar sedan
Jayamali Wijayathilaka
Jayamali Wijayathilaka 7 timmar sedan
I like this song
Anna JME
Anna JME 8 timmar sedan
Their smiles says a lot abt the music
Paulina Lilly
Paulina Lilly 10 timmar sedan
Clara 13 timmar sedan
Gavin B.
Gavin B. 19 timmar sedan
Still vibing 4 1/2 months later
Speedyplayz 20 timmar sedan
Abc if you were in the stage cuz I was .- -.
SLiM_BEATZz96 23 timmar sedan
Beat Saber??
Robby Walker
Robby Walker Dag sedan
Basim Riyaz
Basim Riyaz Dag sedan
Soon his plan of promoting free masonry will get torn and finished ruthlessly by......... Wait for the name B.............
joly chowdhury
joly chowdhury Dag sedan
please come to Bangladesh
Stylin' net creations
Wooow alan walker...love u.u are the only best musician 🎶 in the world ❤
Dinuwara Dais
Dinuwara Dais Dag sedan
I wont to be like you Alan.
Yassiel Gil
Yassiel Gil Dag sedan
Me gusta la música
Lalala The Human
Just 11 million views for this masterpiece. I mean come on.
Jacob Cea Bautista
Jacob Cea Bautista 2 dagar sedan
We live we love we live I'm i konw not Aline favorite sorri
Marjory Markae
Marjory Markae 2 dagar sedan
The Family Arcade
The Family Arcade 2 dagar sedan
My walker car would have the ability to hover over rough terrain so that the wheels in each rim would have what they need to propel the car into hover mode. The transformation would be awesome! The cars shell would be made from an advance type of rare metal that would allow the car to be lighter than it appears and strong enough to withstand any attacks. Sounds too far fetched? Not if it’s a walker car!!!!!! 😎
Rajdeep Das
Rajdeep Das 2 dagar sedan
Alan Walker is a gamechanger in music. No matter where you are on earth, no matter what your language is, you will always love Alan Walker.
Ashna Anu
Ashna Anu 2 dagar sedan
olive plays
olive plays 2 dagar sedan
Im tiid
WHOAMI WHOAMI 2 dagar sedan
The DJ Bot
The DJ Bot 2 dagar sedan
Alan walker songs always dont exceed above 4 minutes , i wonder why???
Sako Taslakian
Sako Taslakian 2 dagar sedan
Alex K.
Alex K. 2 dagar sedan
Out-of-body experience begins at 2:00
Alejo Almanza Rosas
Alejo Almanza Rosas 2 dagar sedan
Mi prima está loca Por ti 😆😊😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😍
Martina Vavrova
Martina Vavrova 3 dagar sedan
AW Danke dyrfur Story Martyna sorry..merci lebe ich in BB
Martina Vavrova
Martina Vavrova 3 dagar sedan
Play wit me breking me hart WM
Unique potato
Unique potato 3 dagar sedan
Just fire 🔥
Adriaugu 3 dagar sedan
Millions of peoples, one legend.
MTW 3 dagar sedan
Wanjiku Muhoro
Wanjiku Muhoro 3 dagar sedan
🇰🇪Alan Walker's fans from Kenya🇰🇪😊
ASO THE LION 3 dagar sedan
I preferred you to see this song with new style on Bilal SElosk channel.. Best editor...
ASO THE LION 3 dagar sedan
After pubg song now this song killed 😋😍😍😍😍
Ashita Bijesh
Ashita Bijesh 4 dagar sedan
Alan waker forever 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻!!!!!!
BÜLENT KÖYLÜ 4 dagar sedan
really sweet dreams...from loves turkey...
Kamakhya Deka
Kamakhya Deka 4 dagar sedan
Love alan ,, super..
Felipe Garcias
Felipe Garcias 4 dagar sedan
Alan Walker . .esse e o Kara só toca top . 😎👍
GreenDaddy 4 dagar sedan
I am late to the game here. Just discovered this music. Thank you for your art, man. It's f**king good.
Athavan Shangar
Athavan Shangar 5 dagar sedan
i am huge fan get it fan?
Athavan Shangar
Athavan Shangar 5 dagar sedan
Shubhm Pathak
Shubhm Pathak 5 dagar sedan
KS Tech
KS Tech 5 dagar sedan
Fantastic Song!!
GeorgeKutty Jimmy
GeorgeKutty Jimmy 5 dagar sedan
😍 😍 😍
GeorgeKutty Jimmy
GeorgeKutty Jimmy 5 dagar sedan
😍 😍 😍
GeorgeKutty Jimmy
GeorgeKutty Jimmy 5 dagar sedan
😍 😍 😍
Asikin Sikin
Asikin Sikin 5 dagar sedan
I am sorry
Ana Andrić
Ana Andrić 5 dagar sedan
I'm sorry you've changed
Best EDM
Best EDM 5 dagar sedan
I just love this song! What do you think guys?
Rupokar Films
Rupokar Films 5 dagar sedan
Please visit our bangladesh!!!!!!!! -tawsif
Don't check my Playlist
This is way better than Fake a smile.
carmen lezama
carmen lezama 5 dagar sedan
And people stay safe and Alan walker you too and Alan walker you have the best songs no bad words noting great song
Григорий School
Как стать таким крутым в 23 года🤔😁 🙌
Григорий School
@Monster Game ему Alan Walker (А́лан О́лав Уо́кер)
Monster Game
Monster Game 3 dagar sedan
Кому 23 года
Mauro4 Games
Mauro4 Games 6 dagar sedan
Jasper v Dam
Jasper v Dam 6 dagar sedan
it is the same place as the aviesion
Yoosuf Muhammed Editz
Yoosuf Muhammed Editz 6 dagar sedan
𝙂𝙚𝙩 𝙢𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙖 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙘𝙚𝙧𝙩 #0
mister me
mister me 6 dagar sedan
latino americas porcierto muy buena cancion
Lourdes alvarez herrera
no entendi nada xd
emmy emmie
emmy emmie 6 dagar sedan
Marcel B
Marcel B 6 dagar sedan
Alan, mit dem Song hast du Geschichte geschrieben! 👍 ... zumindest bei mir!
Abdul Raheem
Abdul Raheem 7 dagar sedan
Fariq song
Retty s Tanjung
Retty s Tanjung 7 dagar sedan
Retty s Tanjung
Retty s Tanjung 7 dagar sedan
Retty s Tanjung
Retty s Tanjung 7 dagar sedan
Retty s Tanjung
Retty s Tanjung 7 dagar sedan
Zarchi_Arts 7 dagar sedan
Desde este momento empecé a sentir nostalgia en todos los vídeos que subiste qwq
slm Kdir
slm Kdir 6 dagar sedan
بليز حتي ليك على تعليقي
_ROY GAMING_ 7 dagar sedan
Stephen Otieno
Stephen Otieno 7 dagar sedan
For me alan walker is like my food 😍😍
Niyati Tiwari
Niyati Tiwari 7 dagar sedan
He is the one who can make people dance on his songs
พิษณุศักดิ์ ดีวงษ์
Shanti Devi
Shanti Devi 8 dagar sedan
Alan walker is best singer
ghost 7 dagar sedan
What singer? He is not singer.... He is DJ
Febin Diablo
Febin Diablo 7 dagar sedan
Wtf ?🙄 Singer?
Retty s Tanjung
Retty s Tanjung 8 dagar sedan
TrES-2b 8 dagar sedan
Great song to test headphones
Cristian Alvarez
Cristian Alvarez 8 dagar sedan
Estoy enamorado de esta cancion..no dejo de escucharla..saludos aqui su amigo mexicano
Ramal Əliyarov
Ramal Əliyarov 8 dagar sedan
Ardino Bejleri
Ardino Bejleri 8 dagar sedan
Hey! I Remember This Song Alan Walker It's pretty good! I Like It! 😉😁
Андрей Устименко
Трек пушка
TheToxiciousRBLX 9 dagar sedan
bro you are such a legendary legend
luysol Ramirez
luysol Ramirez 9 dagar sedan
i loved LIT
Minh Kenneth
Minh Kenneth 10 dagar sedan
KHANT KO NAING (= 10 dagar sedan
Very cool
jianming chan
jianming chan 10 dagar sedan
many questions sorry you know what i say for 666
Agness Dreams
Agness Dreams 10 dagar sedan
👍👍👍piękna nutka ...
Fajjo Khan
Fajjo Khan 10 dagar sedan
take me in team
Calebe Play17
Calebe Play17 10 dagar sedan
1:B 2:C 3:A 4:Igrejas, mosteiros e conventos 5:escutura 6:madeira 7:C 8:C 9:A 10:A
Amena Moni
Amena Moni 10 dagar sedan
"Confetti Are Falling, At Five In The Morning. They're Screaming And Crying. While I'm All By Myself. I Know You, I'm Sorry. I Made Up A Story. I'm Lonely, I'm Falling. Just Like You, I'm Sorry"b
Music Lab
Music Lab 10 dagar sedan
Please create a remix of "be kind" by Marshmello💝 [Love from INDIA]
Najiba Tahsin st2021
Najiba Tahsin st2021 10 dagar sedan
We: Listening to this song. Sister: Walks in Sister : stop the song. Us : why?? Sister : I have a better sound box. Us : Bring it on!!!!! Neighbor: Walk by. Neighbor : Stop the song. Us : why? Neighbor: We have a bigger sound box. Us : oh yeah! Police : knocks the door. Police : we have a sound problem. Us : What? Police : 17 people called Us and said it's not loud enough...... Us : (Imagine)
MuzikWalkerz 10 dagar sedan
Good song
Retty s Tanjung
Retty s Tanjung 10 dagar sedan
Abir Hasan
Abir Hasan 10 dagar sedan
Big fan
Виталий Помозков
Khan Kabir
Khan Kabir 10 dagar sedan
Nice song and video
Luiza Fernandes
Luiza Fernandes 10 dagar sedan
Meio mundo fã Ha so no brasil que ele nao vem Eu por isso nois tem o alok nosso dj Mas fazer oq se o cara nao pode vir nois fica com oq tem
The Malicon
The Malicon 11 dagar sedan
There are Lines That Literally Speak Our Feelings In His Songs.
Teox 11 dagar sedan
Alan Walker=The God of music
Хм топ
Ryan Sonny
Ryan Sonny 11 dagar sedan
You are simply a legend bro love from trinidad
Андрей Устименко
Вот ета тема для фитнеса
see you soon
visningar 2,3mn
see you soon
visningar 2,3mn
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