Alan Walker x Imanbek - Sweet Dreams (Official Music Video) 

Alan Walker
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Out now: alanwalker.lnk.to/SweetDreams

Walker Racing League is back 🏁 I’m happy to finally be able to share this song and music video with you all. Creating this song was both fun and challenging, incorporating such an iconic melody. @Imanbek Music and I had a great time working on this project together. It was an incredible experience filming at these amazing locations and bringing more of the story to life.

- Alan


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// LYRICS // Alan Walker x Imanbek - Sweet Dreams // LYRICS //

You’re like the mist
In the morning
You’re a moment
Body warming

I can’t resist
Where you going
Make me an ocean
Overflow it

Sweet dreams of your love
Keeping me up
Can’t get enough
Sweet dreams of your touch
Do what you want
Just keep it up
To the rhythm of the
Bee bap -

As they roll in
As they’re growing
Can’t control ‘em

Caught in a haze
Up on the ceiling
You got me feeling
I must be dreaming

Sweet dreams of your love
Keeping me up
Can’t get enough
Sweet dreams of your touch
Do what you want
Just keep it up
To the rhythm of the
Bee bap -


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Produced by MER Content
Director: Mads Neset
Producer: Mikkel Gulliksen
Executive Producer: Gunnar Greve
DoP: Mark Hobz
Production Coordinator: Madeleine Kviljo
Original score: James Daniel Njie Eriksen

Line Production - Dubai

Executive Producer: Yasser Obeid
Line Producer: Nadya Tereshina
1st AD: Chris Marais
Production Coordinator: Viktor Polyakov
Production Coordinator: Patrizia Bellotti
Production Assistant: Rami Noureddine
Focus Puller: Roger Schram
DIT: Philipp Chudalla
Gaffer:Joseph Riachi
Key Grip: Haraj Haloubyan
BTS: Igor Rupets
Stills photographer/BTS: Veronika Hobson
Stills photographer/BTS: Mohammed Sarmadawy
Wardrobe stylist: Talia Nammour
Hair \u0026 Makeup: Hani Kleib
Art Director: Bora Batur
Casting Director: Ahmed Saeed
Location Manager: Ahmed Dib
Unit Manager: Mohamed Aziz
Precision Drivers Manager: Imran


Editor: Mads Neset
VFX Supervisor: Albin Skalleberg Nilsen
Sound design: Thomas "TomTom" Haugland
Artwork \u0026 Poster design: Vidar Auna / ManCat Design
Marketing assets / retouch: Kristoffer Aarak
Marketing assets: Skin Tonic / Chris Touma
Stills Edit/Retouch: Kristoffer “Kiffa” Skjæringrud
Digital Compositor \u0026 CG generalist: Sujeen Nepali
Digital Compositor \u0026 CG generalist: Dmitri Kuzkin
Digital Compositor: Lasse Westrum
3D/VFX supervisor: Nils Arne Brekke
3D ARTIST: Simon Tørnvall Andersen


Paul NæssAsbjørn Jenstad
Morten Kvale
Kjetil Kulander
Vibeke Cleaverley Rodriguez
Atle Blakset
Carl Tollefsen
Mattis Gaston Larsen
Torbjørn Nymark
Torgeir Sanders
Andreas Lønø


Alan Walker
Milena Vujovic
Vladica Andelkovic




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Alan Walker
Alan Walker 4 dagar sedan
What abilities would your Walker Racing car have? Reply to this comment with its most creative ability, and vote for your fellow Walkers! The top two liked comments get a gift from me. Winners will be chosen on Tuesday, June 15th so you have some time to think...
M.V.Vardhan Dag sedan
As of me it will have the best and strongest tyres ever and its body full of sensors. Non accidental and with a high speed and an engine with 10000 cc . The best car ever made. No fuel required.
vamp 087
vamp 087 2 dagar sedan
Mai Shadow
Mai Shadow 3 dagar sedan
We don't want gifts Alan give these gifts to any children's because I want to see smile on their faces ❣️🙏love from🇮🇳
k s
k s 3 dagar sedan
kosekim 3 dagar sedan
I would like my car to be equipped with an AI that can control the car and all its systems while giving me any information i want at any time and be made out of nanobots that can heal themself so the car is unbreakable the nanobots can also reposition themself so the car can be reconfigured to whatever like a drone, motorcycle or anything else
Zainab Ali
Zainab Ali 5 timmar sedan
My car should be alive. Like a robot but with a mind of its own. It would be able to travel back and forwards in time. It will also be able to change its shape according to the mode of transport, it can change into any type of vehicle too.
NoxtremHD YT
NoxtremHD YT 5 timmar sedan
It’s so nice
Shreyas Naik
Shreyas Naik 5 timmar sedan
this will keep scatman alive :)
Anel Lya
Anel Lya 5 timmar sedan
ZOMBIEMAN 5 timmar sedan
Безумный Макс + Смертельная гонка.
Partha Pratim Sarkar
Partha Pratim Sarkar 5 timmar sedan
This Song is the Most Popular . I Remember that it is a Popular Video . Well done . I'm like your song.
Henri Verbeek
Henri Verbeek 5 timmar sedan
Great song ,some part reminds me of legendary Scatman John :-)
Spoopy Chicken
Spoopy Chicken 5 timmar sedan
Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub, Yo da dub dub. Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub, Yo da dub dub I'm the scatman. Ba-da-ba-da-ba-be bop bop bodda bope, Bop ba bodda bope. Be bop ba bodda bope, Bop ba bodda.
Rashid Bahir
Rashid Bahir 5 timmar sedan
WoW💕 Alan walker is LEGEND in DJ
Spoopy Chicken
Spoopy Chicken 5 timmar sedan
uhh... I'm a Scatman?
UZBase 5 timmar sedan
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Bryan Vs Twyster 2
Bryan Vs Twyster 2 5 timmar sedan
2.5M views 👀 125k 👍 13k 😍 Comments
BEP 5 timmar sedan
My eco friendly 🚗 should make me thrill on every ride.
Саят Сеитов
Саят Сеитов 5 timmar sedan
красиво красива красиво классно здорова рэспект о боже че это кто это как это)) За лайкайте мой пост пусть подумают иностранцы типа что то классное я написал... Делайте
Sweyd Abdul
Sweyd Abdul 5 timmar sedan
i don't liked the animation, but the song is nice
Bryan Vs Twyster 2
Bryan Vs Twyster 2 5 timmar sedan
Faded Has 1.2 Million Comments 😎
Claudius 5 timmar sedan
This thing going from colosium to mad Max very fast
Даурен Джетенов
Ждём в хит-парадах! А он будет там, уверен!
Bryan Vs Twyster 2
Bryan Vs Twyster 2 5 timmar sedan
Wow 😃
GeekTudio 科技与游戏
*Bumblebee* 😍
Jesus 5 timmar sedan
Bryan Vs Twyster 2
Bryan Vs Twyster 2 5 timmar sedan
Alan Walker More Comments
300mila commenti Nella mia mente
Go 3M 3 Day
300mila commenti Nella mia mente
Go 3M views In 3 day
Бауржан Жунисбеков
Алға, Imanbek!
Armani Bashkonte Marinelli
Imanbek tigr)) 🔥 горжусь!
Jan A
Jan A 6 timmar sedan
Bee bappaparapa bappaparapa, bee bappaparapa, этот момент очень понравился, и засел в голове, bee bap...
Rajesh 6 timmar sedan
these cars feel like the cars in live fast. anyways I loved this song Impressive vocals and partner imanbek...... LOVE FROM INDIA:)
dj lara gameplay
dj lara gameplay 6 timmar sedan
The girl who sit right of alan she is so so lucky 🥰🥰
Vidushi 6 timmar sedan
Lighting zap car that leaves traces of electromagnetic field and if other cars comes in contact with it there system malfunction and it also have lightning speed
MC green
MC green 6 timmar sedan
Fun fact: the original song name is scatman (Im not saying that he copied it btw good remix tho alan)
Hetero Sapien
Hetero Sapien 6 timmar sedan
Why almost all the comments are in Russian?
AVISHM 6 timmar sedan
It's just bomb
Bryan Vs Twyster 2
Bryan Vs Twyster 2 5 timmar sedan
Данат Санатов
Айналайын казагым Иманбекти колдап кетейк. Ар казакка жанашыр болайык
Нуржан Назаров
Молодец Иманбек! Горжусь тобою! Продолжай в том же духе!
Chadee Kahn
Chadee Kahn 6 timmar sedan
125k 👍 12.800 Comments 2.5M 👀
Chadee Kahn
Chadee Kahn 6 timmar sedan
Devil Dreamer
Devil Dreamer 6 timmar sedan
Bee bop ba bodda bope 😍
SenPay 6 timmar sedan
круто круто круто круто круто круто круто круто горжусь люблю охуено)
Айсулу Капбасова
This season's hit is guaranteed. Imanbek we are proud of you. Best Song of the Year.
Chadee Kahn
Chadee Kahn 6 timmar sedan
Ok good
Ravikiran Toradmal
Ravikiran Toradmal 6 timmar sedan
Dude, u never disappoint us.! Love you ❤️
JUST GAMING 6 timmar sedan
This song deserve's about a billion views
เมอร์สัน เวร่า
Scatman Classic 😍 Great Remix
아온이 6 timmar sedan
very good!
Dana 6 timmar sedan
Алға, Imanbek!
TealMelon 6 timmar sedan
bee baodoapabebdupp scatman john yesss
Rajit Yadav
Rajit Yadav 6 timmar sedan
You guys copied our indian song 😏
เมอร์สัน เวร่า
😍 Great is Great Remix Let's GO Viral Alan Walker And Imanbek
Bakytzhan Bakytzhan
Bakytzhan Bakytzhan 6 timmar sedan
Imanbek 👍👍🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿
Baby Shark
Baby Shark 6 timmar sedan
Brayson Kimario
Brayson Kimario 6 timmar sedan
Nice song bro
Brayson Kimario
Brayson Kimario 6 timmar sedan
Love your music bro
Teju Rawknee
Teju Rawknee 6 timmar sedan
copy of a hindi song Bee Bop Ba Bodda Bope .
Teju Rawknee
Teju Rawknee 6 timmar sedan
@Baby Shark yes
Baby Shark
Baby Shark 6 timmar sedan
Eurodance 90s Scatman Classic
Baby Shark
Baby Shark 6 timmar sedan
Alan Walker asks people to Comments more to this song, it deserves more views and more likes and it goes viral. like Faded out In My Mind 👋👋
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 6 timmar sedan
I would like a car with Alan bro and Alan's songs.💝
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 6 timmar sedan
I always lose so ....
เมอร์สัน เวร่า
12.770 💭😍
BLACK MOTH 6 timmar sedan
i need a daily dose of EDM against 2021
Rida Ferland
Rida Ferland 7 timmar sedan
Congrats Alone has passed 1.1B❤
Асель Туриханова
Иманбек талантливый ,великолепный красавчик 🔥 Walker супер звезда 🌟 . Хочу все работы Иманбека слушать и слушать 🥰🥰🥰
santiago machado
santiago machado 7 timmar sedan
Nice story
BLACK MOTH 7 timmar sedan
fly Alan fly... to the sky high and beyond
EDM⚡ 7 timmar sedan
1:31 Go go ⚡
يننينثنثبا نسظيثن
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke 7 timmar sedan
Wassup Alan How are u bro? Ur vid and music is rule in every country Asia, Europe, North America
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke 7 timmar sedan
South, Central, Africa
Amirew 7 timmar sedan
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يننينثنثبا نسظيثن
I hope this amazing Remix reaches at least 100M views. 😢
เมอร์สัน เวร่า
This song has to become famous. Equal Faded was in 2015. and today it is the most watched SElosk EDM in History with 3 billion views. In 2015 until 2021 electronic music was weakening. Because of the Virus that emerged in 2020. 😭😢 Sad Electronic music
MEM LOL 7 timmar sedan
Torezhan Sauir
Torezhan Sauir 7 timmar sedan
Алан Уалкер&Иманбек👍Молодцы.Так держать
SKY Music
SKY Music 7 timmar sedan
Dear Whoever Is Reading This I wish you love, peace, and happiness in everything you do as you journey through life.❤️❤️👍👍 I really like this electronic music, I do not change it for anything, continue and you will go much further than you have arrived 👍👍 ️
Николай Лукин
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This new song is very very very good Thank you alan for the great song
Bauyrzhan Zhaxlykov
Bauyrzhan Zhaxlykov 7 timmar sedan
Jacob Johnsson77
Jacob Johnsson77 7 timmar sedan
the virus will not stop us. electronic music will continue. I will not allow electronic music to die.
900 MILLION VIEWS 7 timmar sedan
EDM is Not Dead
1.1M Comments 7 timmar sedan
Good 😎👍 Alan Walker And Imanbek
1.1M Comments 7 timmar sedan
More Comments Now guys
Бекмурат Баймаганбетов
Бест,лучший,коммент для поддержки ..Иманбек крутой казах,рад за тебя,так держать..че еще писать то😁😁
dasith damsara
dasith damsara 7 timmar sedan
mutch love bro .i love this
Светлана Андриив
Хит лета!!! Уверенна. Замечательно сработало видио и музыка.
shelly shahadat
shelly shahadat 7 timmar sedan
This masterpiece is marvelous. Keep it up. I am very proud of me that I am your fan. Best wishes for you
One direction Br
One direction Br 7 timmar sedan
Alan 10
Hirun Deshitha
Hirun Deshitha 7 timmar sedan
The cars are really dope....
JҜoRτy 8 timmar sedan
I'm shocked by the music it's a thrill for the head I'm from Russia
Thank you alan walker for giving us great songs
Subhakant Satpathy
Subhakant Satpathy 8 timmar sedan
Nailed it man.....love from India🇮🇳
This song makes my day happier😁😍 This song is the biggest hit of 2021
Иманбек 🇰🇿
Anil Patil
Anil Patil 8 timmar sedan
This is amazing 😍
Reinholt 8 timmar sedan
Wait that beat is from Joey Moe - Dobbeltslag, right?
Njurk 8 timmar sedan
I’m confused rn why is the comment all Russian words is it just me??
Manobendro Bagchi
Manobendro Bagchi 8 timmar sedan
Why you copy name. You mother father bad manners...
AlI Zhakypbek
AlI Zhakypbek 8 timmar sedan
Очередное доказательство того, что Казахи могут когда захотят)
Dark god
Dark god 8 timmar sedan
best aver beat boy you hit it
MB217 8 timmar sedan
I'm a scatman
Para Noid
Para Noid 8 timmar sedan
so my car will be a supra with the ability to release gas and turn the road behind into ice. and for the ultimate ability to be able to deploy another smaller car in case, it got destroyed.
валя абитаева
Все равно ,какой нибудь очередной ремикс Иманбека, выстрелит ещё раз!!!Комментируем,ставим лайки!!
Sarang Justin
Sarang Justin 8 timmar sedan
Sweet song of this year😍
Aviation Movie - Level 1